Monday, 31 December 2012

31 DECEMBER 2012


Today our class at dsp…Firstly Miss Zu ask for those group that have not been approved their topic to present their new topic. After that Miss Zu taught us about paraphrasing. When do paraphrasing we must change the sentence into our own sentences but it still have the same meaning. The class dismisses at 4.00 o’clock but before that Miss Zu gave us some homework to do and we will discuss the answer tomorrow.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

19 DECEMBER 2012

Okay today is real day that we have to do a presentation. All of us must present today but Ita did not attend the class for today so I have to do it alone. I am really nervous because my friends’ topic is being rejected and some of them have to rearrange their sentences back. I am the last person that present for today. So I show to Miss Zu about my first topic that is about plastic surgery but Miss Zu said it is too common. So I show her the second topic that is about Gaza. Miss Zu rejected this topic too. I am really scared at that time since I only have three topics. Fortunately Miss Zu accepts the last topic that is end of the world. Thank God.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

18 DECEMBER 2012


Like I told you in my last entry that today is Miss Zu want us to present our topic for term paper since we already postpone it from yesterday to today.  A few pairs go in front to present their topics, unfortunately Miss Zu rejected them . So Miss Zu found another way to help us on our topic. She asked to choose among 5 types of essay each pairs must choose. So Nad, Nadia and me decided to do the argumentative essay. The rest pairs will do the presentation tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Monday, 17 December 2012

17 DECEMBER 2012

As usual since today is Monday so our class will be at DSP. Today Miss Zu asks about the progression of our term paper’s topic which we supposedly to have it (topic broad topic and focused topic). Since Miss Zu saw that some of us (including me) does not really know how to do it she explain it to us. After she done explaining to us about the term paper, she gave us one more day to present our topic which is tomorrow. Then she teach us grammar because our grammar is really bad.

Saturday, 15 December 2012




If I have to lie than I will say that I really love writing…but fortunately Miss Zu said that we have to tell the truth about our my truth feeling is………………………………………………………

Because we have to think many ideas and most of the time the ideas is not coming out from my brain…
I only like it about 50 % if the topic is easy and we can take time to do it...
But the good site of it we can improve our English skill by writing so I accept the fact that I have to do writing although I hate it because I willing to do everything just to be good in English!..




Seriously and honestly I am not interested at all about blogging. When Miss Zu asks us to do it, I just smile but in my head it was like what!!  Why I have to create a blog…WHY!!WHY!!...I never create it before…and I don’t think that I will ever do it…
But I have to do it right because it is one of our really takes so much time for me just to find the background…because I want it to be simple and it must be black ,white and a little bit of blue…
So I already create it and I hope that all of you will enjoy viewing my blog