Sunday, 24 March 2013

What have you learnt throughout this semester in Bel 311 ? Do you think that your writing skill have improved.
I learnt so many thing such as how to do paraphrasing, incitation, and references. Actually there are a lot of things that we learnt for Bel class this sem. My writing skills is improved because Miss Zu taught us about what are exactly we need when we write an essay.So basically my writing is improved.

What does blogging teach you in Bell 311?
Blogging teach me how to more patient because I have to do the things that I do not want and especially when I have to update it. I think blogging is a burden for me. I am sorry Miss Zu

What do you think of expressing your thought feeling via e-Diary (blogging ) What do you expect for examination and for bel subject?
I do not like to express it in the blog because people can read it…I want to get Dean for this sem and I hope I will get A in Bel..hehhe..

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