Tuesday, 22 January 2013

22 JANUARY 2013

Today Miss Zu want to see our 3 thesis statement, so she ask if there is any volunteer to present their thesis statement, Fikri and Faiz Adha is the one that have a gut to present it first. Unfortunately Miss Zu rejected it. I am very afraid and nervous since I do not know if our thesis statement right or not. Since it is almost 6.00 p.m, Miss Zu said that for the argumentative group, we do not have to present it today, but we must repair it back. When all of our classmates are already out from the class, Rozita, Nad ,Nadiah Salehin and I went to Miss Zu and ask her about our thesis statement. First she help Nadiahs’ group than she read our thesis statement. 
These are our thesis statement:

1.  Notwithstanding the proofs that people give, the Earth is still in its own orbit although it pass 2012 because the intelligent people will find many ways to discover all the malady and adversity before it occur, researchers will recognized if there is unusual thing in the space and the forecast of the Maya is just one of fictitious story.
2.  Although both side which from the scientific and from the ancient shows many strong evidence but it is emphatically that the world will never ever be end in 2012 because in modern times all the disease and disaster can be predicted before it take place, scientist will alarmed if anything will happened to the outside of the Earth and the prediction of the Mayan is just a myth.
3.  Even if the evidence of the end of the world is being listed as many as people want to but 2012 will be not be the ending for the world as nowadays all the sickness and calamity can be detected before it happened, Nasa people will noticed if anything strange that happened in the outer space and the prophecy of the Mayan is just a myth.

She comment that our thesis statement is wrong and she suggest that we have to change our essay type since our topic is not suitable for the argumentative essay. So from the argumentative essay we have to a cause and effect essay. Before we leave, she asks us to change our title and inform her about our new title...

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